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Spoolarc Easy Grind is a fully deoxidized wire designed to weld over moderate levels of rust and paint as are commonly encountered in auto body repair work. Easy Grind produces welds that easily exceed the tensile requirements of ER70S class wires. The welded

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Heavy-duty and high-tech products for all your welding and cutting needs Heavy-duty and high-tech products for all your welding and cutting needs To meet the rigorous demands of mobile machinery fabriion, only ESAB offers complete welding and cutting solutions – including equipment, filler metals, digital solutions, and PPE – that deliver both strength and innovation.

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Hardfacing Flux Cored Wire including Diameter 1.6mm Stainless Steel Hardfacing Cored Wire for Continuous Casting Roller Hardfacing, Crack Checking Free Hardfacing Wire Similar To Stoody 965-G FOB Price111 : US$ 4 / Kilogram Minimum Order : US$

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Stoody makes a good product also, 965-G in .045 on, I believe 33# spools. The Mckay wire is good too, I just gave you a couple more alternatives, depending on what your dealer stocks or sells. Comment

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Stoody Hardfacing Product Details 6 Stoody Build-up 6 Stoody Dynamang 6 Stoody 110 6 Stoody 965-G, 965 AP-G, 965-O 7 Stoody 121 7 Grinding ring repair with Stoody CP2000 Crusher Roll Repair with Stoody 100HD ro 100HC .

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Exaton 20.25.5.LCu welding wire is suitable for joining steels of the 20Cr/25Ni/4.5Mo/1.5Cu type - for example 2RK65 used in many areas of the process industry, such as in the production of acetic acid, sulfuric acid, terephthalic or tartaric acid

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OK AristoRod 13.16 is a low-alloyed, chromium-molybdenum (1,3% Cr, 0,5% Mo) ER80S-B2, solid wire for GMAW of creep resistant steels like SA-387 Grade 11, A 335 Grade P11 or similar materials. OK AristoRod 13.16 is a high purity wire with a guaranteed


ESAB MW1 is a copper coated, Mn-Si alloyed solid wire for GMAW of non alloyed steels, used in general construction, automotives, ship building and pressure vessel fabriion. The wire has a carefully controlled wire chemistry and a unique surface technology providing superior weld metal quality at high wire feed speeds and at high welding currents.

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Buy Premium Welding Mig Welding Wire Mig Wire Best Place to Buy Mig Welding Wire For Sale Welder Welding Supply Shop Brisbane Australia Dealer Distributor Reseller Stockist Wholesale Professional Specialist Industrial Qld Welding Supplies Brisbane

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985-G Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire|WIRE HF 965-G 045 33# SP Analysis and properties are similar to Stoody Self Hardening covered electrodeCan be applied to carbon, low alloy, and manganese steelsCan be used in both metal-to-earth appliionsDeposits are martensitic and forgeable but not readily machinableGeneral purpose hardfacing alloyMagnetic on carbon and low alloy steelsOffers a good

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OK Aristorod 12.50 is a bare Mn-Si-alloyed G3Si1/ER70S-6 solid wire for the GMAW of non-alloyed steels, as used in general construction, automotive components, pressure vessel fabriion and shipbuilding. OK Aristorod 12.50 is treated with ESAB’s unique

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Wire Dia. Shielding Gas Welding Parameters Package in. mm Wire Ext. Amps Volts Size* Stoody® 110 11452600 0.045 1.2 98% Ar/2% O2 or 75-80% Ar, Bal. CO2

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Como comprar OK Tigrod 13.09 A ESAB oferece uma ampla rede de Distribuidores presente em todo o território nacional. Além disso, oferece suporte e atenção que você precisa através do Serviço Autorizado ESAB (SAE). Para tornar suas compras ainda mais

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Achieving a 64 Rockwell C hardness, Stoody 964 AP-G is a wear-resistant, all-position, general-purpose hardfacing wire. No other all-position wire can achieve this hardness and still produce crack-free deposits on Series 300 stainless and manganese steels. When

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CIGWELD STOODY 965-G MIG WIRE Code: 11423100 $545.70 View Product Quick Links My Account Information My Order History Subscribe now & get Each month we have newsletter only specials on machines, welding equipment and a second hand

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MIG Wire Hard Facing Stoody 850-O 15kg View larger Reference: Stoody 850-O 15kg $743.00 Choose Size Quantity Add to cart Add to Quote Estimate shipping cost Country Zip Code Submit Send to a friend *: *: * More info DAYS stocks a wide range of

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TIG Welding Wire Feed Pen Welding Stick Holder Filler for 1.0-3.2mm Welding Wire AU $47.42 AU $50.45 (Cobalarc Coarseclad- O), also: Stoody 965-O (Cobalarc 650-O), Stoody 850-O. - McKay Tubealloy A43-O, also McKay Tubealloy 240-O, McKay



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Stoody 965 deposit is a general purpose hardfacing alloy that offers a good balance of impact and abrasion resistance. It can be Semi-Automatic Wire - Gas Assisted & Gasless Stoody Industrial & Welding Supply, Inc. (SIWS) is not sponsored, affiliated or in

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Other Products Comparible with Platinum SD-980*: Approx. chromium (cr) content shown. A higher Cr content will typically give a longer wear life against abrasion. Stoody 965-G (Cr ~6%) Lincore 55-G/O (Cr ~5%) Robodur K 600-G (Cr ~6%) Welding Alloys L-G

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Stoody 964-G deposit is a specially formulated wear resistant alloy which produces a uniform distribution of small primary carbides in a martensitic matrix.The small carbides provide improved wear resistance over martensitic steel, many tool steels, and some conventional chromium carbide alloys. 964-G possesses excellent resistance to impact and plastic deformation.

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SUPERSHIELD CRC HARDFACING MIG WIRE. - Premium quality gasless hardfacing wire for components subject to severe abrasion and low to moderate impact loading. High performance hard-facing wire, especially suited for Ground-Engaging appliions

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Stoody 965-G/O tubular wire AS/NZS 2576: 1855-B5/B7 Stoody 850-O tubular wire AS/NZS 2576: 1865-B7 Downhand & Horizontal hard surfacing appliions:-3.2mm and 4.0mm sizes can be used for vertical welding by depositing overlapping horizontal stringer

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INDEX INDEX 1 Notice about Thermadyne’s Welding Consumables Pocket Guide (manual). The information in this Pocket Guide has been prepared as a reference only for use exclusively with the products identified in it. Each user should

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Stoody 965-G/O thular wire ASINZS 2576: 18555187 Stoody 850-0 tubular wire ASINZS 2576: Downhand & Horizontal hard surfacing appliions:- 3.2mm and 4.(hm sizes can be used for vertical wel[fing by depositing overlapping horizontal stringer passc. 2576:

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ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched OK AristoRod® 38 Zn, a solid wire with a specially alloyed formula that minimises porosity and spatter on galvanized steels. As a result, it significantly reduces or eliminates rejects and rework, delivering optimised

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110LB QP 7/64" STOODY 110 $4,244.25 ID #: THR11141700 200LB HP 7/64" STDY 100HC $3,952.49 ID #: THR11140900 200LB HP 7/64" STOODY 110 $932.82 ID #: THR11970600 33LB SPL .045" 964 AP-G $696.68 ID #: THR11423100 33LB SPL .045" 965-G