a cord worn around the neck in kyrgyzstan

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Lamen (Latin, "plate"), in ceremonial magic, is a syolic breastplate worn on the chest, supported by a ribbon, collar, or cord around the neck.In the Kabbalah traditions of magic, the use of the lamen represents the forces of Tiphareth, the central unifying Sephirah of the Tree of Life, and carries the the corresponding syolism in one form or another.


Can be worn around your neck This Traditional Buddhist Mandala talisman, is prepared and blessed by Tibetan Lamas, inreases positive energies and helps to remove obstacles and interferences in life. Repeating the following mantra can increase the power of this mandala

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Having to wear the cord around the neck all the time to get the full benefit is a nuisance. The carbon filaments that produce the ions are unprotected, now I am not sure if …

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This cord is used as a belt to gather the alb at the waist. It is most often white, but can be the colour of the day or liturgical season. White, violet or black is permitted to be worn at funerals. The Stole A long narrow strip of cloth, worn about the neck and down the

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CODE ALERT offers wireless call stations and pendants that enable residents to summon help with a press of a button or a pull of a cord. The pendant can be worn around the neck, strapped to the wrist or hooked on clothing. The call station is mounted on a wall

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A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identifiion cards. Material: Polyester, Nylon, Silk, Cotton, Satin Technics: Printed, Woven, Screen Printing, Jacquard, Heat Transfer Printing Usage:

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8/6/2020· The Blaux Wearable AC is exactly what it sounds like – an air conditioning system that can be worn around the neck with three different positionable air flows. It offers the circulation of a

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7/8/2020· Necklace definition: A necklace is a piece of jewellery such as a chain or a string of beads which someone | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples any extinct marine cephalopod mollusc of the order Ammonoidea, which were common in Mesozoic

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However, any cord worn around the neck can pose a strangulation risk, including the possibility of death and serious injuries. This may be of more concern to wearers in wheelchairs, using walkers, using beds with guard rails, or who might encounter other protruding objects upon which the cord …

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11/11/2014· Usually worn around the neck 23 Fire lighting kit including flint and striker and tinder 24 Yard of match – the cord that burns to give fire to the gun 26 Worm – for clearing blockages 27 Ramrod

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13/8/2020· This Neck Gaiter can be worn around your neck for warmth and comfort and then easily pulled up over the back of your head and up over your nose for extreme cold and maximum concealment. This Neck Gaiter is also a great piece of gear for winter fishing, snowmobiling, skiing or snowboarding when the weather gets cold and nasty.

What is Anterior Cervical Discectomy Used For?

Anterior cervical discectomy (ACD) is a procedure to remove a severely damaged or diseased neck bone (cervical vertebrae). There are three main types of anterior cervical discectomy surgeries, one without adding any medical implants, one in which the vertebrae is removed and a bone graft is implanted, and one with a graft and stabilizing metal plate.

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Designed by Brian May, the Lite Owl is so small, thin and light that it can be slipped into a pocket or worn round the neck with a cord so that it is always at hand. This can prove very useful when you are visiting a photo fair and you do not want to constantly put your viewer down and pick it up each time you are looking at cards, or to run the risk of leaving it behind.

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pendant: [noun] something suspended: such as. an ornament (as on a necklace) allowed to hang free. an electrical fixture suspended from the ceiling.

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22/5/2014· Plastic doll is wearing a habit worn by the Sisters of Divine Providence, founded by Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler in Mainz, Germany in 1851. The doll is wearing a black dress, black veil, white collar, and white wimple. A metal cross hangs from a cord around the doll''s neck, and a rosary hangs from her waist.

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Neck pain can be caused by many things—but is most often related to getting older. Like the rest of the body, the disks and joints in the neck (cervical spine) slowly degenerate as we age. Cervical spondylosis, commonly called arthritis of the neck, is the medical

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According to the regs, the tag was to be hung around the neck from a field-gray, 0.2 dia. cord which was 80cm long. We do know, however, from talking to veterans that the Landser occasionally decided to keep his tag elsewhere.

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Easy Best Fit Mask: It looks like we are going to have to get used to wearing masks for awhile. As a sewist, I''ve been making masks for friends for the last few weeks, but have never been completely satisfied with the patterns I''ve tried out (which have been many).I

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The Award is a pin that is worn on a red ribbon around the neck to ceremonial occasions, the pin itself may also be worn on the Pathfinder or Ranger Pin Tab. CanadaCord-1side.pdf Thanks to BC Guides Council for sharing their Canada Cord workbook, !

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BlueUp launches SafeX Tracer, wearable BLE device for contact tracing BlueUp launches SafeX Tracer, a wearable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device designed as a technological aid to control the distance between operators and the tracing of contacts in the workplace for post-emergency management of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Most of these dubious ads were for disinfectants to be worn around the neck or sprayers designed to sit on a table top. The products claimed to be effective in eliminating viruses.

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Take a dive into this drop a letter quiz and see if you can swim from one currency to another. Average score for this quiz is 7 / 10.Difficulty: Average.Played 1,764 times. *** Please take a moment to register your Free FunTrivia ID. *** Points you earn from this quiz will then be saved, and you can also participate in our trivia games, tournaments, teams, and so much more - all free!

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noun: a cord worn around the neck to hold a knife or whistle noun: a cord with an attached hook that is used to fire certain types of cannon Also see lanyards Word origin Words similar to lanyard Usage examples for lanyard Popular adjectives

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The Non-adjust Neck Strap offers a minimalistic approach to carrying a camera. Although non-adjustable, it can be worn in various ways: around the neck, across the body, on the shoulder or wrapped around the hand as a wrist strap. Besides aesthetics, the black

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Freeing one from a power cord, the portable wrap can be worn around the house, on the go, or in the car. With a high temperature of 120° F, the integrated heating elements deliver deep-penetrating heat to the back of the neck, across both shoulders, and down the middle of the back to stimulate blood circulation, loosen muscles, relieve swelling, and soothe joints.

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Graduation medallions are often worn around the neck by honors students or students receiving a special recognition at the graduation event. Medals are most often purchased by …

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12/2/2020· To transition into pocket-watch or neck-worn stopwatch mode, just pull the paracord out of the clasp and slide the watch’s body to the opposite end and voila! The one-of-a-kind cord-based strap system doesn’t just give the watch a unique transforming …